Short-Term Care

Have an urgent situation?

Most people do not consider home health care when thinking about possible future healthcare needs, so finding short-term or last-minute home health care for a loved one during a time of need can be stressful and confusing. 


People worry about possible long-term obligations and do not know that there are temporary care options. One of the biggest advantages we offer at Blue Skies Nursing is that we can customize our services to fit the needs of your family.


We provide temporary or short-term care and do not require long-term contracts for our services. Even when our clients needs are short-term we will still provide the full services of our professionally trained caregivers.


Poly-Pharmacy Consultation

Poly-pharmacy, often defined as the simultaneous use of five or more prescription drugs, is more common in an aging population where multiple coexisting chronic conditions often occur. To eliminate any concerns and for the best outcome, a nurse consultant will discuss medications with you and your physicians regarding your medications dosages. 

2-hour consultation: $25

Weekly Medication Management

A nurse will organize your weekly medications in a pill organizer.  The nurse will also refill, pick up and deliver necessary prescriptions from your preferred pharmacy.



One-hour visit – $125/week


Daily Medication Administration

A nurse will observe or administer your daily medications. This can be oral medication, topical, IV or injections. The nurse will also refill, pick up and deliver necessary prescriptions from your preferred pharmacy.


$100 per visit

Diabetes Management

There are several options for diabetes management from education, monitoring, fingersticks, monitoring CGM machines, administration of insulin and diabetic counseling. 

Pricing based on customized care plan.

Post Operative Care

If you have a planned surgery, we can assist with pre-surgical preparation, post-surgical care, and private in-home physical therapy.

Pricing based on customized care plan.


Injectable medications for chronic or acute medical conditions, vaccinations or fertility injections.


$125 per visit

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Blue Skies Nurse Consulting

What is Talk Elder Nurse Consulting?

TalkElder will assist you with personalized one-on-one consulting with a nurse consultant to plan for the future with ease, grace and mental clarity.


We will ensure your parents have a life that is rich with dignity, respect and vitality as they grow older. TalkElder offers guidance, support and resources for families who are living in “the sandwich” era of their life. 


TalkElder will provide guidance and support to adult children, helping them understand appropriate care options, education on disease management, medication management, insurance and financial issues, technological resources and other aspects of caring for an aging parent.