Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy involves the use of exercise and other techniques to help individuals regain or maintain their physical abilities, while mobility care focuses on ensuring that an elderly individual is able to move around safely and independently.


Physical Therapy $125/hour

Range of Motion Training

Improve joint mobility and flexibility to reduce pain and stiffness due to illness, disease process or post-surgical rehabilitation.

Balance Training

Enhance stability and prevent falls with specialized exercises tailored to your needs.

Strength Training

Increase muscle strength and endurance to improve daily function and mobility. 

Pain Management

Develop strategies to manage and reduce pain through technological devices such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, cold laser therapy, exercise, stretching, and relaxation techniques.

Education & coaching


We create a customized treatment plan that includes exercises for improved flexibility, balance, and coordination to reduce pain and improve mobility. These interventions can improve overall quality of life and promote social engagement and activity participation.

Home & safety assessments


We provide personalized home safety assessments by skilled physical therapists to minimize accidents for older adults with mobility, weakness, or balance issues. Our team prioritizes your safety and peace of mind with individualized attention and necessary support.

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What Is TalkElder Nurse Consulting?

TalkElder will assist you with personalized one-on-one consulting with a nurse consultant to plan for the future with ease, grace and mental clarity.  


We will ensure your parents have a life that is rich with dignity, respect and vitality as they grow older. TalkElder offers guidance, support and resources for families who are living in “the sandwich” era of their life. 


TalkElder will provide guidance and support to adult children, helping them understand appropriate care options, education on disease management, medication management, insurance and financial issues, technological resources and other aspects of caring for an aging parent. 

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