Travel Nursing

From coast to coast, and everywhere in between: We’ve got your travel nursing needs covered.

Blue Skies Nursing

Hurt on vacation? Traveling Out of Town?

We can help…


When a nurse can come to your aid for an injury during your vacation, it can be an invaluable service for travelers. 

Injured in an unfamiliar location can be stressful and inconvenient for you and your traveling companions. With Blue Skies Nursing, one of our trained nurses provides medical attention and assistance while traveling companions can continue enjoying the vacation. 

Going on Vacation Somewhere Else? 

We can help…

If you are local and traveling elsewhere with someone with nursing needs we can provide a care provider to travel with you.

Custom pricing based on travel itinerary 


Travel Arrangements

Blue Skies Nursing can assist in planning the travel details such as equipment needs, transportation needs, special seating, accessible hotel rooms, dietary and nutrition needs, etc. 

Travel Assistance

A nurse will make sure client has all equipment, supplies, and medications prepared for travel day and during trip.  The nurse will also assist in any transportation, transfers and activities of daily living on travel day and during the trip. 

Resource Management

Blue Skies Nursing is aware of all the local resources that may be needed while you are traveling in town. 

We can also research and obtain any resources needed in the city we will be traveling too. 

Nursing Care

Blue Skies Nursing provides experienced, professional and compassionate care for any nursing needs for any age. All of our caregivers are active RN’s and LPN’s. They are licensed, insured, and have undergone thorough background checks.

Patient Advocacy

Blue Skies Nursing can help navigate the local health care system, providers and services. 

IV Hydration

Have you been struck with altitude sickness, hangover, dehydration. 

Schedule an RN to provide an IV infusion for  hydration and electrolytes. 

Ready to Schedule a Consultation?

Blue Skies Nurse Consulting

What is Talk Elder Nurse Consulting?

TalkElder will assist you with personalized one-on-one consulting with a nurse consultant to plan for the future with ease, grace and mental clarity.


We will ensure your parents have a life that is rich with dignity, respect and vitality as they grow older. TalkElder offers guidance, support and resources for families who are living in “the sandwich” era of their life. 


TalkElder will provide guidance and support to adult children, helping them understand appropriate care options, education on disease management, medication management, insurance and financial issues, technological resources and other aspects of caring for an aging parent. 


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