Our Services

Short-Term Care

Unexpected Surgery? Unfortunate hospital visit for short-term injury or Illness? Blue Skies Nursing assists you after your hospital discharge with basic or complex needs. We will customize a care plan based on your needs.

Nurse Consulting

An expert nurse consultant will guide you through the complicated healthcare system. Situations such as Patient advocacy, physician and hospital care consultations, preparation for long-term care needs, and end-of-life circumstances.

Elder Care

Our aging population can have a variety of needs, from companionship, safety and wellness checks, acute illness nursing, or long-term care for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other chronic illnesses. We provide customized care plans at any care level needed.

Medication Management

We take care of any difficulty managing their medications properly. Blue Skies Nursing can organize and/or administer your medications to prevent missed medications, over medicating, and polypharmacy.

Physical Therapy

Whether it is post surgery recovery, regaining strength and mobility after an illness or maintaining optimal ability for daily life; physical therapy and mobility care are essential for the health and wellbeing of elderly individuals.

Post-Operative Care

If you have a planned surgery, we can assist with pre-surgical preparation, post-surgical care, and private in-home physical therapy. With one of our specially trained nurses and/or physical therapists, we collaborate with you and your surgeon for the very best post-operative outcomes and your peace of mind.

Travel Nursing

If you are visiting or on vacation and have nursing needs we can provide nursing at your hotel or residence. If you are local and traveling elsewhere with someone with nursing needs we can provide a care provider to travel with you.


Starts with an initial phone consultation to assess needs. Then a nurse will do a home visit to assess the home environment, then develop a customized care plan and schedule.

Care Plan

Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant implements a customized care plan and schedule to fit client's needs.

Care Follow Up

Nurse will assess progress, adjust the care plan as needed, communicate with the family and healthcare team, and provide ongoing education and support.

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What Is TalkElder Nurse Consulting?

How Can Nurse Consulting Assist You?

TalkElder will assist you with personalized one-on-one consulting with a nurse consultant to plan for the future with ease, grace and mental clarity.  


We will ensure your parents have a life that is rich with dignity, respect and vitality as they grow older. TalkElder offers guidance, support and resources for families who are living in “the sandwich” era of their life. 


TalkElder will provide guidance and support to adult children, helping them understand appropriate care options, education on disease management, medication management, insurance and financial issues, technological resources and other aspects of caring for an aging parent.