Let Us Assist You After Surgery and With Wound Care Needs!

Having an out-patient procedure where you need assistance after your care? Need assistance after a surgery? Need wound care and dressing changes on a healing wound? Blue Skies Nursing can provide any of your post procedure, post surgical or wound care needs. We can also assist with activities of daily living (bathing and hygiene) which can be difficult during the first few days at home.

These services can also be combined with other services like meal preparation, transportation, or patient advocacy. See all of our services on our “Services” page or our Add Ons and Al A Carte options.

Go to our “Schedule a Consultation” tab to explain your needs and set up a call with a case manager.

Coming home the day after shoulder surgery was so difficult on me and my husband. Having a Blue Skies Nursing professional help us settle in as well as come back to change my dressings and give me a much needed shower eased all of our anxiety!

– Les Lee (Post-Op Shoulder Surgery Client)

Pricing and Packages

“Tuck You In” – $250 (two hours)


  • Transportation to and from procedure
  • Pick up prescriptions and other necessities (hydration, food, supplies)
  • Clarify all doctors orders, instructions and what adverse effects to watch for.
  • Prepare medications for 24 hours
  • Aromatherapy and hand massage
  • “Tuck you in” to bed or couch with all necessities you need for comfort during recovery.
  • See “Add Ons” for additional options

Post Surgical Care $125-$375 per visit (depending on hours)


  • Dressing changes
  • Medication Management
  • Bathing and hygiene needs
  • Education and assistance with equipment (slings, braces, wraps)
  • Assistance with physical therapy exercises
  • See “Add Ons” for additional options

Wound Care $125 per visit


  • Dressing changes according to doctors orders.
  • Assess wound for healing or signs of infection and contact physician if necessary.
  • See “Add Ons” for additional options
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